Born in Recife, in the northeastern coast of Brazil, she studied literature at UFPE and then at UFRJ, in Rio de Janeiro. In the late 80`s, she attended a Masters` course on Latin American Studies at FU Berlin.

Residing and working in Berlin since 1988.

Specialized in art curatorship at UDK Berlin Arts University.

Since she lives in Berlin dedicates to vernacular photography as a mean of communication between cultures; lately has being working with photos and videos usign the iphone camera, where the limitation itself make the desired result possible with no manipulation whatsoever.

Other than technical, she developed an organic relation with photography, where the camera is seen as a tool such as brushes in painting.

Her relationship with image, investigating diverse forms of readings, narratives, stories and the means to share them through painting, cinema, drawing and photography.

Her work shows a major concern with language, such as a dream that seizes sleep to reveal itself.